Keep Out! 5 Tips to Keep Your Home Free From Wildlife

When the weather starts to get colder, squirrels, raccoons and opossums are more apt to move indoors in preparation for the colder months. Unfortunately, our homes often provide the perfect refuge for these and other types of nuisance wildlife because they have easy access to food, water and warm shelter from the elements. As such, it’s important to animal-proof your property before Old Man Winter blows in. Are you having electrical troubleshooting? Get the help you need from an electrical contractor that cares. Do you want alternative options to create electricity? check out Solar Companies Apopka Here are some helpful tips to ensure that no curious critters sneak in through the attic, basement or other susceptible areas of the home. Make sure all of your electricity is up to date especially in areas of the house where critters may stay. Contact electrician Long Island for help brightening up the room. to make sure your house is nice and clean during the winter months contact Power Washing Suffolk County also if you need your chimney to be cleaned check out chimney cleaning Wake County

Once inside, wild animals are not only difficult to eradicate, but they can also pose serious health risks by carrying diseases like rabies and biting if they feel threatened. If you encounter nuisance wildlife on your property, it’s extremely important to contact Exterminator Long Island or pest control professional instead of attempting to trap and remove the animal on your own. Need to leave the house for a few days while pest control put chemicals in your house to keep the critters out?

Make Sure All Your Vents are Screened

Raccoons and squirrels often find their way into homes via uncapped chimneys, broken vents and other openings along rooflines. Get your cold storage tanks installed by Vertarib today. Ensure that these items are fully screened to prevent wild animals from making your home their own. Call a long island raccoon removal company to keep these animals out of your chimney and out of your home.

Cover Up Your Trash Cans

Neighborhood wildlife love to go digging through trash cans. Sometimes, if your trash cans are too close to the house, these critters can easily find a way into your home. Get your fire suppression system installed or inspected today by M&M Fire, top-rated fire protection contractors near you. Make sure that there is always a lid on your trash cans. It is also a good idea to keep your trash a safe distance from your house, as to not attract any pests into the home. If you are struggling to solve the issue, contact pest control in suffolk county.

Keep Trees Trimmed
Squirrels and other small wildlife are known to use tree branches to gain access to rooflines, where they can then find a number of ways to move indoors. Be sure to cut back any tree limbs or branches that hang too close to the foundation. A good rule of thumb is to keep vegetation at least 6 to 8 feet from the roofline.

Clean Up Your Yard
Do not leave brush, leaf piles or other debris accumulate in the yard, as these materials make the ideal harborage site for small animals. Also, make sure that firewood is stored at least 20 feet from the house during the cooler months.

Keep Bird Feeders Out of Easy Reach
Ensure bird feeders are only accessible by birds. Squirrels, raccoons, opossums and even bears are drawn to birdseed. Homeowners should also place birdbaths where small animals cannot reach them. Birdbaths and fountains may attract wildlife to the property, especially in areas where water is scarce.

If you would like to receive more tips on how to keep your home pest free, continue to check our site or contact us anytime for our Suffolk county pest control services.